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 Unsere Schwesterseiten / Kardeş Şitelerimiz     : 


Büyüklerimizden aldığım dersler

Inanırmısınız anne-babamdan

belki yüzlerce öğüt almışımdır.

Hiç biri hatırımda kalmadı. 

Fakat annemin-babamın bazı

davranışlarını hiç unutamıyorum.

Birkaç kere anlatmışımdır:

Rahmetli anneciğim

“Önce komsuma, sonra bana”

diye dua ederdi.

Aynaya her bakışından da şükrederdi.

Hiç unutmuyorum ve ikisini de uyguluyorum.

Neden unutmuyorum ?

Çünkü sözler, öğütler ve

uygulanmıyan nasihatlar unutulur,

fakat uygulanan davranışlar unutulmaz.

Onun için büyüklerizin ata sözlerindendir :

Lisan-ı hal , lisan-ı kalden tesirlidir.

Rahmetli babam patika yolda yürürken

oynayan kaldırım taşlarını sağlamlaştırındı.

Yolun ortasında duran tasları ve kağıdı kenera koyardı.








Rahmetli büyük amcam

yola dogru sarkan dikenleri keser,

rahat bir geçit sağlamak için çırpınırdı.

Evin avlusunda güneşlenirken,

tanımadığı birini görse,

mutlaka misafir etmek isterdi.

En azından, soğuk bir tas ayran içirirdi,

öyle bırakırdı.

Öğütlerini hatırlamıyorum.

Ama davranış biçimlerini de unutmuyorum.

Çok sonra, bu davranışların

Kur’an ve Sünnet kaynaklı olduğunu ögrendim.

Quran  <-- -- -->  Circumcision  

Here we reached the source:
KoranAnd Circumcision 
However, for years we have our moral norms
Via the media EuropeIt is shaped according to .
If it isKoranAndCircumcision welding
It erodes our values.
go awayourselvesdon't find it strangehere we go...
Becauseculture of the west and values
oursmoralAndreligious valuesWhy
very different Andvery wrong!
(Especially in this age of egoism)

For examplebefore of a man
We found it strange to shake a woman's hand,
Now We find it odd that it doesn't tighten.


Before Say himeWe found it strange,
Now We find it odd to give.
Before We found women who did not cover their heads strange.
Now We find it odd that those who cover themselves.
Not only does it seem odd, but if he is a student or a civil servant,
Sometimes we can make the world a dungeon.
These discussions in society
impact our childrensuck itit works Do you think?
As well as deepfromaffecting.
But until a certain age, conflicts and
They don't really understand the nature of the discussions.
At that point you wantfamily responsibilityActivated.
SocialcontradictionsI Andconflictsto tell,
Andshow by experience It is the duty of the family.
But many of us areWe are running away from our duty.
Because our continentKoranandCircumcisionWe don't know exactly.
We don't feel the need to seriously learn.


Abdullah Demir
(special education specialist)

In my observations,
after alldefinitely wrong
individuals for the following reasons
they don't want to learnI detected:

 They don't want to learn because . . .

1. they get bored.
 2. They are essential.
 3. by someone else learning
They think the job will be taken care of.

4. They say I have learned more important things than this. 

5. They are unhappy. 
6. Their minds are elsewhere and what occupies their minds is
They are emotionally intense.

 7. They are freeloaders.
 8. They don't care what the consequences of not learning are.
9. The profit they will gain when they learn
They complain about its scarcity.

 10. They say that once you learn, you don't become ignorant.
 11. What happened when you found out? they say.
 12. Did it seem to work? they say.  
13. They say you learn instead of me.
 14. They may even risk death instead of learning.
 15. The process of learning and teaching seems like torture to them.
16. They have the mentality of "you prepare and I'll eat" or they are parasites.
Living like this gives them more pleasure.

17. Man's obligation to learn is a
They are not aware that they are alive.

18. The knowledge they have acquired so far,
all of their behaviors and habits are
They are not aware that it is a product of learning.

 19. Situations, behaviors and actions that are not included in the learning process and whose existence is the opposite of learning are more attractive to them. Just like an individual who is involved in the learning process in the same environment prefers to sleep.
 20. They do not enjoy it.

 21. is not meeting their primary needs at that moment.
However, the primary need here is the primary need of living beings.
What he needs is not nutrition, shelter and sexuality.
Considering the individual's current psychological state
It does not meet the identified needs.

 22. It is based on the logic that we will die anyway.
 23. we're already crawling, a little less
Will crawling help me? It's in the logic.
24. They are annoying. annoying instead of learning
They like to do it.

 25. They are purposeless.
 26. have a good status
It doesn't matter to them.

 27. Instead of being respected,
It is more important for them to fix it.

 28. It's a matter of choosing pleasurable situations
They don't and therefore it's frustrating
They do not want to accept the situations.
Therefore, they are also against learning.

29. They tend to read me stories or tell me stories.
They enjoy living with a smoky brain.
They avoid sobering situations.

30. taking personal responsibility and duty
They do not feel pleasure and enjoy idleness.  

31. What learning will give them
They think there is no pleasure.

32. what they will spend in the learning environment
They see labor and time as waste.

based on personal observation 
Abdullah Demir. special education specialist.

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