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Conscious parents themselves
They always train regularly

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Conscious parents themselves
They always train regularly

Graduated from university or
Even if you are a big business person,
example to people
sent as,
prophetsfrom and
sent with them
booksfrom serious
without taking advantage
Those who attempt to educate people,
what a good job
would they have done?

And after the last prophet
expressed in hadiths
"The scholars of my Ummah,
of the Israelites
"He is like his prophets."

(see Razi, Tefsir, VIII/302; Neysaburi, Tefsir: I/264; Keşfu'l-Hafa: II/64)
Like Hadith and again
in another hadith
God of every century
at the beginning of this ummah
to renew religious affairs
mujaddid g
will lead."
Abu Davud, Melahim, 1.
like like this
While there are Hadiths,
as an example to people
sent in every century
mujaddidsfrom and

and what they wrote
Quran commentariesfrom the
serious use

to raise children
Unfortunately, those who attempt
Not like ignorant people,
purely scientific and pedagogical
besides the facts
divine Andprophetic 
to apply to procedures
Wouldn't it be more useful? 

(Especially in this age of egoism)

Our proverbs say:
“An ignorant person
"It harms seven villages."

The ignorance of their children
because of or
their children are wrong
as a result of their behavior
parents do not have any trouble
or exposed to dents
in order not to remain
familymaterialand the most important thing
spiritual a certainorderto
a certainplanato put
is required.

In this case, it usually comes to mind
A question arises:
A family,
desired material and spiritual
How does it get into order?

As our proverb says:  
"Thursday's arrival"
from Wednesday it is obvious''  

Order in the family,
aimdetermine and a
program without doingIt doesn't come.
Child education in the family,
only one personso eat
just momeat
or auntieIt hasn't happened yet
uncleeither oruncleeither
Does not come with download.
Because our proverb
as he said:
Hand, the work of the hand,
“He does it by singing folk songs.”


Order in the family,
responsibility or liability
values like,
or to the teacher or
to transferle de
It doesn't come.

Again from our proverbs
As someone said: 
''The hand does the work of the hand,
folk song
saying does“.

Since this transfer
to the family with its methods
There is no order.

Why still parents?
their children to others or
Anotherreferral to institutions
what are they trying to do?

becauseknowledge itself
because he doesn't own it

the easy part to someone
Since it is remittance.
But this path is wrong
knowing that there is a road
still to the money transfer method
They apply.

Our proverbs say:
With transport water
the mill does not turn.

So again
parental duty
(perhaps spiritual
devoid of values)
anyto one personor a
referral to institution when,
that person or
any institution,
Mom dadnesstaskni,
How much can he perform?

birth parents like
Can they provide training?

Self full
unable to raise

your parents,
or university
because I read or
Is Because I became a man
self-sufficientsIs its
Parents who think
their children person or
referral to institutions

in the children they have,
more negative in the future
problems and difficulties
can be seen.

Also this kid
taking charge
well-intentioned person or
Even if institutions
actually to parents 
fishingnot the
don't give fisheat
don't they work?

Moreovermost valuableli
our existenceeven i,
or aorganisationa
transfer when we do,
us to our children
What did he teach?
are we becoming?

first of all
as parents
bankruptcy what we do
firstto the Earth And
laterour childa
advert don't we?

Thisunsuccessfulstate of being
Anddo not transfer the incident
children who feel
to their parentsrespect And
do not show respect

Erewhile :
"A thousand kilometers
even on a journey
"It starts with one step"

saying our family
We must start planning.

first of all
without planning our family
ourselves first
and without planning our family
our child first
Let's not plan.

Beforeourselves successful
so  applied Andtried
led to success
Onemust have a plan.

Becauseself discipline
unable to
someone else
because he can't behave
first of allfrom ourselves
we need to start

both onemoney wage
in return
to buy fish
A child who gets used to tomorrow
Which virtues?
can't get it ? 

Inventor of a machine
or engineer
for that machinea plan
or auser manual
it also writes
inventor of a man,
God is the creator
don't use it on that person
Doesn't it give the manual?

However, He who created a saint and
himuser manual aspect
Koran AndCircumcisionI
a Creator who sends
how to raise your child
Doesn't it describe?

The plan he will make
pedagogy Andpsychologyof
Besides thequran And
Circumcision on the axis
shouldn't he do it?

Every parentfirst of all himselfni and
laterda childni
prepared on the axis
Oneplan andprogram
when you put it,
more workbe differentz?
So is there such a thing?written
prepared as
Do we have a plan?
Unfortunately, no!

regular update or 
on time for its activity
that they did not start but created 
life conditionsbecause 
their own shortcomings before
can't realizes.

Parents' mistakes 
Even if they have a diploma
their ignorance because,
or they created
life conditionsbecause of, 
because their children are younger
beforetoo many parents 
it doesn't bothers.

But over time, children
by copying their parents
visiblebehavioral disorders
as it emerges
parents are disturbed
They start to happen.

For example
school termsin
or their children in society
when observed,
More and more parents
it starts to bother yous.

At this point parents
don't change themselves again
in its placechildren's mistakes 
cover up using the method
in hiding and in covering
increasinglyThey specialize.
That's why the ancients say:
"The one who closes his eyes,
"He makes the night only for himself"

Question 2 : 
parents in education
What were their six excuses?

o -->  lack of time

o -->  financial impossibilities

o -->  its own fault
don't throw it at their parents 

o -->  to the environment/system
/ upload to the state

o -->  procrastination disease

o -->  disease of not training oneself regularly



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